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Inspection rules for horizontal ribbon blender machine


Higao Tech will inspect each horizontal ribbon blender machine before shipping to the seaport for our customers.
First, each horizontal ribbon blender must be inspected by the factory inspection department, and comes out with a certificate of approval before leaving the factory.

Second, each horizontal ribbon mixer before delivery should be carried out under the rated speed of no-load test for 30 minutes, and the product should meet the following requirements.
1. the horizontal ribbon blender working normally, smoothly, control device is flexible and reliable, no abnormal sound.
2. all the fittings and fasteners do not have loose phenomenon.
3. at least two sets of ribbon blending mixers from batch production of products should be sampling inspection a year; make experiment according to the provisions of the JB/T9820.3, and the result should comply with the regulations of 3.4.
4. ordering enterprises should check the horizontal ribbon blending machine asp per the above rules, acceptance will be based on this standard. If not qualified, should be resubmitted for acceptance again to the ordering company after the factory repairing.
Horizontal double ribbon mixer machine complying with the requirements of the factory and under the condition of operating instructions, within 1 year from the date of purchase, if poor quality damage occurs, manufacturer shall repair, replace and then return.
5. paint coating quality should be inspected according to the provisions of JB/T 5673.

Third: marks, packing, transportation and storage
1. for each horizontal double ribbon mixer, signs should be fixed in clear place on the mixing machine, signs should be consistent with the provisions of GB/T 13306; the signs shall indicate the following content:
A) the name of manufacturer
B) the product name and model number
C) the spindle speed
D) productivity
E) motor power
F) weight of the ribbon blending machine
G) product manufacturing number
H) product manufacturing date
2. direction of the rotation of the rotor should be marked by red arrow on the casing in obvious location.
3. horizontal ribbon mixer should be packed before delivery out of the factory, the package should be proper for transport and to ensure the products from being damaged.
4. the supply of accessories (spare parts and tools) along with the ribbon blender machine should be complete.
5. each product shall be accompanied the following documents:
A) packing list;
B) the product quality inspection certificates;
C) product specification;
D) using survey of the user’s opinion
6. all documents should be put in well sealed plastic bags, and then fixed in the packing box.
7. horizontal ribbon mixer should be stored in a dampproof and rainproof place.
horizontal ribbon blender machine horizontal ribbon blending mixer