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  • Introduction of chilli pepper grinding machine-part 2
    Introduction of chilli pepper grinding machine-part 2 2019-10-08 17:15:38

    Higao Tech produce high quality chilli pepper grinding machines,red chilli grinder machines,spices and seaonings grinder machines at lowest price in china. 1. Composition of chilli grinder machine: Chili Grinder machine consists of main feeding hopper, rotor, fixed plate, sieve, chassis, supporting frame, motors and other parts. 2. Working principle of chilli grinder machine: During the production of chilli grinding machine, the motor drives the main shaft and the turbine rotating at high speed. Grinding blocks turbine ring and mesh on the composition of crushing and grinding which is of compact structure. When the chilli peppers going from the hopper into the machine cavity, make the chilli pepper crushed by the close friction and strong impact to the inner edge of the turbine blade under the rotating air flow, and ground again between the gap of the blade and the grinding block. In this crushing and grinding chilli pepper at the same time, a lot of air sucked into the turbo, these gases play a role of a cooling machine, grinding chilli pepper and transferring chili pieces. The final crushed fineness of chilli pepper depends on the mesh size and the amount of pepper pieces and circulating air going through. 3. sealing of chilli pepper grinding machine: Chilli pepper milling machine is fitted with labyrinth seal on the special bearing parts, which can effectively prevent chili pepper debris from entering the bearing cavity, thus extending the bearing life. The door of chili pepper grinding machine is equipped with two rubber O-rings, no dust leakage or pollution on the operating environment. 4. Showcase of the chilli pepper grinder machine: This blade mill pulverizer with cyclone dedusting system is used to grind chilli, pepper, coriander, cumin, curry and other oily spices and seaonings. Welcome customers to bring your raw materials of spices and seasonings to our factory for a trial running of our spices and seasonings grinding mill machine. Higao Tech Co., Ltd. website: www.pulverizermixermachines.com Email: ben@higaotech.com C.P: 0086-185 0527 5611 Tel: 0086-8871 0396

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  • Introduction of chilli pepper and chili grinding machine(1)
    Introduction of chilli pepper and chili grinding machine(1) 2019-10-08 17:25:04

    Higao Tech produce professional chili grinding machines,pepper grinding machines,chilli grinding equipment and other spices and seaonings grinding machines. 1. Source of chili pepper: Chili Pepper is native to tropical regions of Central and South America. The country of origin is Mexico. Late 15th century, Columbus discovered the Americas and brought the pepper back to Europe, and thus spread to other parts of the world. And then so many types of chili grinding machines are born and widely used therewith. 2. Nutritional value of chili pepper: Chili pepper has spicy ingredients, mainly for capsaicin, dihydro capsaicin; the other containing volatile oil, protein, calcium, phosphorus, rich in vitamin C, carotene and capsanthin. By analyzing per hectogram chili vitamin C content is as high as 198mg, ranking first in vegetables. Chili pepper has Vitamin B2 and B1, carotene and calcium, iron and other minerals rich in content. 3. Size of chili pepper: Different size of chilli pepper will make people feel extraordinarily different. We can see most size of chili pepper is from 20 to 60mesh. And 50~60mesh is much better in taste. But Most chili pepper grinding machines can’t make such small size. Then we Higao Tech Co.,Ltd. Design and develop a new type of chili grinding machine, and it can make 60 mesh of chili pepper. Our chili grinding equipment is sold to many foreign countries, such as: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Philippine, Thailand, South America, Mexico, Australia, Europe, etc... 4. Fruit of chili pepper: warm in the cold, stomach and digestion. For cold stomach pain, flatulence, indigestion; topical treatment of frostbite, rheumatism, lumbar pain. 5. Root of chili pepper: quicken blood and disperse swelling. Topical treatment of frostbite. 6. Chili Pepper's function and benefits: (1). To strength stomach and help digestion (2). To prevent gallstones (3). To improve cardiac function Vegetables pepper can reduce blood fat, reduce thrombosis, have a certain preventive effect on cardiovascular system diseases. (4). To reduce the density of blood glucose (5). To relieve skin pain (6). To lose weight (7). To keep away from flu (8). To block radiation (9). To promote blood circulation In next essay we will introduce the details of chili pepper grinding machine. Please wait patiently and read carefully. Higao Tech Co., Ltd. www.pulverizermixermachines.com 2016.1.15th Friday Red chili and chili powder that is crushed by chili pepper grinding machine are showing for your reference. Many kinds of red chili and pepper are listed.  And chili granules and chili powder are also made by our spices grinding turnkey system by adjusting the screen.

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  • Details of universal grinder machine
    Details of universal grinder machine 2019-10-08 17:25:28

    Higao Tech manufacture high quality universal grinder machine,universal crusher machine,universal grinding crusher with good price in china. 1. Introduction of universal grinder machine: Universal grinder machine is used in chemical industry, medicine, dyes and coatings, food and pesticide (sugar, salt, plant fiber: Chinese herb Glycyrrhiza Radix, Rhizoma Rhei, etc.), activated carbon industry and scientific research. 2. Features of universal grinding machine: (1) universal grinder machine is of wide application, the machine adopts stainless steel material manufacture, which can meet the industry standard, meanwhile the crushing chamber is equipped with water cooling jacket to adapt to the crushing requirements of heat sensitive materials. (2) universal grinding machine has no pollution, small noise, individually configured of dust collecting room, the dust has been fully collected, which can satisfy the user's requirements for cleanliness. Good dynamic balance greatly reduces the noise. (3) the blades are set up in the crushing knives and the air flow in the chamber is increased, so the output can be ensured, and the temperature can be reduced. It is more suitable for the crushing materials with some viscous materials. (4) screen inside the universal grinding pulverizer machine is equipped with a variety of specifications, to meet customers various requirements of fineness. (5) universal grinding mill machine is simple and easy to operate. (6) universal milling machine has big production capacity, which can meet the production requirements of most users. (7) universal milling machine has single unit and dust removal type, which can meet the demands of different customers. (8) universal crusher machine has compact structure, no dead angle and easy to clean. For more details, please contact International Sales Department of Higao Tech Co.,Ltd. for further understanding and communication. You are welcome any time to our factory. Higao Tech will offer good quality products with best price and services for your esteemed. 3. More pictures as follows to show the universal grinder machine: Crushing structure includes inner moveable teeth and outer fixed teeth rings. Sieve is put around inner moveable teeth. Universal grinder machine is equipped with water cooling jacket on crushing chamber and the bearing to achieve a excellect crushing effect for many kinds of materials.

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